'The Masked Singer': Who Were the Two Reveals in the Semifinals?

THE MASKED SINGER - Panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger - Publicity Still - H 2019
Michael Becker/FOX

The Masked Singer season two’s semifinals aired on Fox on Wednesday night, following an elimination in a special Tuesday episode. Five secret singers performed in the holiday-themed semifinals, and two had to take their masks off at the end. Panelists Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy offered their best guesses for who could be left in the competition.

“I’m not to be slept on as a vocalist,” the Fox said in his clue package. The name "Richard" also appeared onscreen, along with a gift box and palm trees. He sang Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas.” The singers also brought out gifts for the panelists that served as additional hints, and the Fox gifted a photo of the Rabbit from last season, who was Joey Fatone, suggesting he might be friends with the former boy band member. Jeong thought it could be Jamie Foxx again. Thicke guessed Wayne Brady again, and Scherzinger repeated her guess of Tyrese Gibson.

The Rottweiler followed with a clue package that included a gift addressed to a “Cadence,” a passport and kids in pajamas. He sang “Mr. Brightside,” and his gift was a handmade Christmas card. McCarthy guessed James Franco again, but also added Arnel Pineda to the mix. Scherzinger and Thicke thought Darren Criss again. The panelists overlooked a crucial clue from the video though: Cadence was the name of rock singer Chris Daughtry’s high school band.

The Thingamajig returned and hinted that he has had a tough year with a lot of obstacles. “My parents came here with nothing, and they taught me the key to the American dream is hard work,” he said. A diploma, the Taurus constellation and a knee brace appeared in the video package, suggesting he could be an athlete who was injured. He sang “Winter Wonderland,” and he gifted the panel an Indiana Jones whip and hat. “This clue involves a little more digging,” he said. Jeong guessed it was Indiana Pacers player Victor Oladipo, and Thicke stuck with Montell Jordan. Scherzinger thought it was Dennis Rodman.

“I loved nothing more than singing in my church choir growing up,” the Flamingo said in her clue package. Cupcakes and pancakes appeared in her clue package, along with a basketball. She sang “Hallelujah,” and she brought out a globe with Israel marked on it and said that she was baptized there. The panel guessed it could be Sabrina Bryan or Adrienne Bailon from The Cheetah Girls, and Jeong guessed Jessica Simpson.

The Leopard said that he came to the show so that his “cubs” would “think he’s cool.” A CD with “Canceled” written on it appeared, along with sheet music and a vinyl of “slow jams.” He also appeared with a snowboard and suggested he’s a father. He sang “Big Spender,” and his gift was a blueprint of his dream home. McCarthy thought it might be Eric Benet again, but Jeong guessed Jeff Goldblum and Scherzinger still thought it could be Seal.

After the audience and panel voted, the first singer who had to unmask was the Thingamajig. He turned out to be NBA star Victor Oladipo. The second singer to unmask was the Leopard, who revealed himself to be Seal. 

The final three masked singers will face off next week.