'The Masked Singer': Who Was the Kangaroo?

THE MASKED SINGER: The Kangaroo - Publicity - H 2020
Michael Becker/FOX

[This story contains the identity of a contestant on Fox's The Masked Singer.]

The Masked Singer season three returned on Wednesday night with four of its top eight secret celebrities competing and dropping new hints about their real identities. In addition to clue videos, they also shared the “contents of their bags” as additional hints. Panelists Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy were joined by Jeong’s former Community co-star Yvette Nicole Brown. Night Angel competed against Kangaroo, while Turtle competed against Astronaut. The loser from each pairing had to face off in a “smackdown” at the end of the episode to see who would be unmasked. Here’s who was revealed as well as the best guesses for who each masked singer could be.

The paired celebrities did their clue packages together. In Night Angel and Kangaroo’s, the latter was seen flossing. “It’s not secret that I started out in this competition as a ball of nerves,” the Kangaroo said. The reference to a ball could be another hint that she’s an athlete.

“Honestly, I may come off confident, but I have a secret: Kangaroo worries me,” Night Angel said. She slid a plate of desserts with the message “you’re going down” on it to the Kangaroo.

Night Angel sang “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” and in her bag, she had a snow globe, a peacock, a tiara and a bee. Jeong again guessed it was Taraji P. Henson, which was a pretty solid guess. Scherzinger guessed it was Keke Palmer, and Brown thought it was Vanessa Williams.

Kangaroo sang “No Air,” and her bag contained Big Ben, a record player, lipstick and a ship in a bottle. She dropped a new clue: “This show is the first time I’ve ever sung in front of anyone.” Thicke guessed it was La La Anthony, and Jeong guessed Keira Knightley, which seems unlikely. Scherzinger guessed Blac Chyna, and Brown threw out Ayesha Curry, which was a strong guess.

In the Turtle and Astronaut clue package, they hinted that they are mirrors of each other in the competition, bringing up the fact that the panelists have sometimes made the same guesses for each of them. Scherzinger thought both of them could be Zac Efron. Turtle said that he has had his fair share of heartbreak. “In real life, I’m a shy guy,” the Astronaut said.

Astronaut sang “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes, and his bag had a lit-up light bulb, an accordion, a plane and the White House in it. “I’m an open book, now it’s your job to unearth who I am,” he said, emphasizing the word “unearth.” McCarthy thought it was Ben Platt, which the clues do fit with. Jeong guessed it was Seth Green, and Scherzinger guessed Austin Mahone.

Closing out the performances, Turtle sang “Let It Go” by James Bay, and his bag featured cologne, a gavel and a baseball glove. It also had a tag on it that said “Never Keep Open This Bag,” a potential hint to the boy band New Kids on the Block. But there was also an arrow, which could hint at One Direction. McCarthy guessed Adam Lambert, which was a strong guess. Brown followed the NKOTB hint and guessed it was Joey McIntyre. Jeong thought it could be Niall Horan.

The bottom two — Kangaroo and Astronaut — had to then go up against each other in the smackdown. Kangaroo sang “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer, and Astronaut sang “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC.

After the vote, the Kangaroo was eliminated and had to unmask. The panel made their final guesses: Cat Deeley (Jeong), La La Anthony (Thicke), Blac Chyna (Scherzinger), Jordyn Woods (McCarthy) and Ayesha Curry (Brown). In the end, she revealed that McCarthy was correct. Jordyn Woods was under the mask.