'MasterChef' Reveals Emotional Twist for Final 7 Contestants (Exclusive)

Masterchef July 21 Still - H 2014

Masterchef July 21 Still - H 2014

The upcoming episode of MasterChef will involve several home cooks getting teary-eyed, and onions are not to blame. 

The Hollywood Reporter presents an exclusive clip from Monday's new episode of the culinary competition, in which the seven remaining contestants are surprised to receive letters from their loved ones back home.

"It's been a season of ups and downs — I've had good moments, and I've definitely had my bad moments — and it was a good moment just to know that you've got family and loved ones back at home that support you," contestant Cutter Brewer tells THR.

Brewer doesn't deny that he and fellow contestant Leslie Gilliams aren't exactly besties. "Me and Leslie definitely don't see eye to eye," Brewer says, adding that Gilliams "doesn't know how to listen to people, and he doesn't know how to season his food."

Brewer says he is doing his best to move forward after a few heated run-ins with Gordon Ramsay and the other judges. "[In recent weeks, I've] kind of put my pride to the back a little bit and [had to] lose some of the bravado," he adds.

MasterChef airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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