'Masters of Sex' Enlists 'First Kiss' Filmmaker for Clothing-Free Promo (Video)

Undress Me Screen Grab H 2014

Masters of Sex is getting creative with its advertising.

In addition to the print ads already circulating — the ones in the style of a racy 1950s magazine — Showtime has turned to Tatia Pilieva, the creator of the viral video First Kiss, for inspiration.

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In collaboration with the filmmaker, the network released a black-and-white YouTube video titled Undress Me in which 20 strangers pair up, strip down to their underwear and get in bed together.

"Nothing else. No rules," the director added on her YouTube page. The result is an awkward yet entertaining three minutes.

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More intimate than her first video, the ad conjures up the same ideas that the sex research dream team played by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan explore in the period drama.

"In 1957, William Masters and Virginia Johnson began asking men and women to undress for science," the video begins. "In 2014, we celebrate their groundbreaking research with 20 strangers undressing each other for fun."

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Watch the ad below.