Matt Damon Dresses Up as Dr. Phil, Has Therapy Session on 'Kimmel'

Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel - H

Matt Damon visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday — dressed as Dr. Phil McGraw — to have a therapy session and promote his recent theater release of The Martian.

When welcomed to the stage, Damon walked out bedecked in a suit, partial face mask and fake mustache, closely resembling the Dr. Phil talk show host.

"I'll tell you what, Jimmy. A squirrel in a top hat looks like a monkey in a dress," Damon said in a Texan accent as Kimmel tried to stop audiences from cheering for the actor. "You can take it to the prom, but if you try to make it wear lipstick, you're going to get kicked. Go on, take a seat. If it walks like a turkey and talks like a turkey, you could put sunglasses on it."

"What are doing? What is this? What are you doing?" Kimmel asked the actor. "Don't make a pig out of a peanut, Jimmy," Damon replied.

Kimmel proceeded to ask him why he was dressed up and acting like Dr. Phil when "it was supposed to be Dr. Phil" on the show. Damon replied, "You said that I could be on the show today when we were at therapy."

The late-night host refuted saying he'd allowed Damon to be on the show before audiences watched a heated therapy session tape. It showed the two in a therapist's office, where Damon discussed his frustration at waiting every night for a decade to try and get on the show. "He promised me over a decade ago that I was going to be able to be a guest on the show," Damon said, excited that Friday night was finally the big night. By the end of the session, the two were hugging it out before the late-night host was thrown to the ground by Damon.

When cameras cut back to the two on stage, Kimmel said to a disappointed Damon, "I said nothing about being on the show tonight. We'll be right back with the real Dr. Phil," before gesturing to Guillermo to escort the actor off stage.

When the show returned from commercial break, the real Dr. Phil sat down with Kimmel to discuss his recent 39-year wedding anniversary and asked, "What are you doing to me?"

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