Matt Damon Plays His Sociopath Self in 'House of Lies' Preview (Video)

Don Cheadle Matt Damon House of Lies BTS - H 2013
Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

Don Cheadle Matt Damon House of Lies BTS - H 2013

In an age in which reality stars quite often become accidental parodies of themselves, no one has mastered the purposeful self-caricature quite like Matt Damon.

VIDEO: Matt Damon Hosts 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Fresh off a long-awaited appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that saw the Oscar winner become a vengeful Hollywood monster, kidnap the antagonistic host and steal the show for himself, Damon is now taking his egomaniac self to Showtime's House of Lies. In a guest spot on the sophomore comedy, Damon plays a movie star named Matt Damon who wants to create a charitable organization for the sole purpose of out-doing his good pal, George Clooney.

As such, he comes to the consulting firm that is the show's main concern, run by his (and Clooney's) Ocean's Eleven co-star Don Cheadle. In this short preview, we learn of his devotion to swag -- and his deep, abiding love for good causes.