Matt Damon Returns to Host Christmas 'SNL' Episode

Matt Damon hosted the 2018 Christmas episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live, opening the show with a sentimental monologue about his parents and family. The actor reflected on being allowed to stay up late to watch the show as a kid and talked about the death of his father last year. Prior to the monologue, he appeared as Brett Kavanaugh in the cold open, which skewered the classic holiday pic It’s A Wonderful Life.

Damon also appeared in a sketch spoofing the Westminster Dog Show that featured a pageant looking for the best “daddy.”

In a digital short, Damon and SNL castmember Cecily Strong played parents reflecting on Christmas and romanticizing the holiday, intercut with harrowing flashbacks to what the day was really like, featuring rambunctious kids, Trump-supporting relatives and binge-drinking to deal with it all.

Damon impersonated actors Chris Hemsworth and Matthew McConaughey in a sketch about the Oscars.

Alec Baldwin, who appeared as President Donald Trump in the cold open, also appeared in a sketch alongside Damon near the end of the show about a bunch of guys at a bar becoming emotional with each other.