Matt Lauer to Interview Lindsay Lohan

The "Today" sitdown comes days before Lohan is set to host "Saturday Night Live."
Getty Images

The Lindsay Lohan public rehabilitation tour is in full swing. Last week, it was revealed that actress, a tabloid staple thanks to multiple brushes with law enforcement, will host Saturday Night Live on March 3. Now, Lohan has agreed to be interviewed by Today’s Matt Lauer for a segment to air on the NBC morning show Thursday.

It will be Lauer’s second attempt to interview Lohan; she abruptly canceled a planned interview with him last June. The anchor had already flown to Los Angeles to conduct the interview at Lohan’s Venice loft where she was on house arrest stemming from a 2007 DUI conviction. At the time, the actress was back in the spotlight for allegedly drinking at a house party, a violation of her parole.

But she's clearly positioning herself for a career comeback. She recently completed several weeks of community service after pleading no-contest to stealing a necklace in June 2011. And she reportedly has multiple projects in the offing including the role of Victoria Gotti in the John Travolta-headlined John Gotti biopic and a starring role in Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton made-for-TV-movie.