Matt Smith and James Corden Make Spoof Trailer for Royal Family Cop Series

Matt Smith and Terry Crews teamed up with James Corden to make a trailer for the spoof series Lizzie & The Duke. The police drama follows Prince Philip (Smith) and Queen Elizabeth (Corden) as they fight off crime under the watch of Chief McDaniels (Crews).

The fake trailer, which debuted as a sketch on Thursday's (Aug. 16) episode ofThe Late Late Show, begins with exterior shots of modern-day Los Angeles. "Crime is a cancer and its cure is a new breed of cop," said a narrator before introducing Crews' McDaniels.

The chief is seen yelling at Prince Philip and announcing that he is about to get a new partner to help solve crimes. "I am a lone wolf. You know I work alone," said Philip.

"I'd like you to meet Her Majesty," said McDaniels as Queen Elizabeth enters into the room. When the two acknowledge each other, McDaniels asked if they already know each other. "We have a history, yes," responded Elizabeth.

"I don't care about your past. I put you two together because you're the best of the best," shouted McDaniels. "Now get out there and get me some results."

"Come on, Philip," said Elizabeth. "Let's go teach these ghastly ruffians manners."

Shots of the pair dramatically running with guns in their hands are then shown. "He is the prince consort who does things by the books," said the narrator as Philip wrote down all of his findings. "She is the longest-serving British monarch in history," explained the narrator as Elizabeth rolled over the hood of a car and later shoved a criminal into a fence.

Philip is then seen interrogating a suspect over a cup of tea before Elizabeth steps in to play the bad cop. "I'm going to ask you once. Who are you working for?" she asked. When the criminal doesn't answer, she knocks his head onto a table and throws sugar at him as Philip tries to restrain her.

"This fall on CBS, criminals are royally screwed," said the narrator as the pair continue investigating crimes.

"I am too royal for this s," said Philip during a shootout. Elizabeth is later seen cutting off the head of a villain while pretending to knight him.

"When monarchy meets anarchy, you get Lizzie & The Duke," continued the narrator as the titular characters are seen shooting their guns.

The mock trailer concludes with McDaniels yelling at the cops. "You destroyed half a federal building. Totaled six patrol cars and you sentenced four perps to the Tower of London, whatever the hell that is," he yelled. "I'm reassigning you both."

The two are then seen working as traffic cops. When a recently ticketed driver complained, the Queen responded, "Any more of your lip, I will kick you in the crown jewels. I will!"

Watch the full spoof trailer for Lizzie & The Duke above.