Matthew Broderick Plays "Sully" Sullenberger in Jimmy Kimmel's Fake Broadway Production

A number of popular films have taken over the world of Broadway in recent years. In honor of the musical adaptions of films like Mean Girls, Hong Kong and Pretty Woman, Jimmy Kimmel debuted a fake musical based on the story of Flight 1549 on Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kimmel explained that he and his team created a musical to recount the heroic actions of Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who landed a plane on the Hudson River after geese flew into the plane's engine. The story was recounted in the 2016 film Sully.

"We made up a poster and we went to the theater district and asked people on the street to give us a positive review," Kimmel explained to his audience. "You know those commercials where people say how great the play was? Well, we asked them to do that for a play that does not exist."

In the first edition of what Kimmel calls "Fraudway," pedestrians were asked to review a production called Hudson, We Have a Problem. The poster featured a photo of Matthew Broderick and a frantic goose popping out of the sides of a plane.

After the offscreen interviewer told the segment's first interview subject to pretend like he just saw the show, the man responded, "Oh my God. It was fantastic. I can't believe the action. I can't believe the acting. It was out of this world."

A woman then shared that she is familiar with the plane crash. "I actually saw the plane going down the Hudson at the time," she said. "So it was like reliving my history. It was awesome."

"I found the use of the N-word surprising, but tasteful," said another woman. "Sometimes you need to raise issues, so you can discuss them."

The interviewer asked a pedestrian to discuss the scene when Sully tells the goose's wife that he is not coming home. "There was some really shaky moments in there when Sully, Sullivan, had to go talk to the goose's wife and explain to 'em that he had perished and he wasn't gonna make it back to the family," he said. "That was a hard one." 

Another interview subject reflected on her great seats, which caused the water on the stage to completely soak her and her friends. "We were in the splash zone," she said.

Another pedestrian was seen wearing a yellow poncho that read, "Splash Zone." After he exclaimed, "I was in the splash zone," water was thrown at him. The man was forced to recite the line a number of times due to the water throwers' poor sense of timing.

Felix from the Bronx was the next interview subject. He agreed to put on a number of outfits to appeal to a variety of demographics. He dressed up as a pilot, barista, janitor, welder, beekeeper, party clown, priest, rabbi and a pervert to promote the fake production.

After showing the prerecorded segment, Kimmel revealed that Broderick would perform the opening number from the fake musical.

The performance opened with Broderick sitting at the front of a plane. "Good afternoon. This is your captain, Sully Sullenberger." The mustache-clad actor assured the passengers that they had a smooth flight ahead.

"What a beautiful day for a flight. Not a cloud or a seabird in sight," sang Broderick as two dancers dressed as flight attendants joined him onstage.

As the performers sang about it being a beautiful day for a flight, Broderick stated, "If you look to your right, you'll see the majestic Hudson River. Wave goodbye. You won't be seeing that body of water again for a while."

Six performers dressed as geese then made their way onto the stage. "What a beautiful day for a flight. Not a hawk or an airplane in sight," they sang. "So forget your worries and slap on a grin. We'll never get sucked into a jet engine."

The geese and Sully both state that they plan to fly with their eyes closed, which eventually leads to two geese being sucked into the engine.

"Hudson, we have a problem," the remaining performers on the stage sang in unison.

"Someone get Tom Hanks on the horn. I've got a movie idea," said Broderick as chaos ensued onstage and the performance concluded.