Megan Mullally Rehabilitates Aubrey Plaza, Casey Wilson in Funny or Die's 'Home For Actresses' (Video)

Megan Mullally Aubrey Plaza Funny or Die
Funny or Die

Megan Mullally takes in the role of a hostile, earthy den mother in a new Funny or Die clip. Peggy Dvorak's Home for Actresses finds the new Breaking In star schooling some famous ladies on how to be less of a Hollywood cliche.

Unwillingly signing up for her treatment are Lake Bell, Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan, Michaela Watkins, Ellie Kemper and Mullally's on-screen Happy Endings daughter, Casey Wilson.

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"Actresses who want to be cooler come to me," says Dvorak, from underneath her unkempt grey wig. "I lift them from their bleak, orange-skinned Tory Burch wearing existences."

The biggest infractions at her "in-patient" program include dressing like a talking baby, eating muffins, singing Kesha in the shower and trying to escape.

Watch the full clip below:

Home for Actresses from Megan Mullally