Melissa McCarthy, Jimmy Kimmel Steal Each Other's Identities, Down to the Wardrobes (Video)

The comedic duo displayed just how easy it is to steal someone's personal information -- and took it to aesthetic extremes.

In what was both a nice advertisement for her film and a PSA about credit-card fraud, Melissa McCarthy did her best Jimmy Kimmel impression on Monday night -- and he returned the favor.

The Identity Thief star guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed her new film, in which she stars as a maniacal woman who steals the mild-mannered Jason Bateman's identity (in case you're wondering, this is where the film gets its title). To show just how easy it is to swipe someone's entire life, McCarthy nabbed Kimmel's credit card and then -- dressed in his normal black suit and donning a fantastic replica of his jet-black hair -- marched onto Hollywood Boulevard, making sure everyone knew that she was Kimmel.

Unfortunately, Kimmel is unafraid of cross-dressing, which meant that she met her match, in more ways than one.