Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Schaal Wear Mouthguards While Chatting With James Corden

"'I know how to stop ISIS' — like, no one cares."
Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Schaal

Because late-night interviews aren't hard enough, James Corden put himself and his guests into mouthguards on Tuesday night.

The Boss star Melissa McCarthy and Last Man on Earth actress Kristen Schaal attempt part of their chat on The Late Late Show while wearing the devices.

"These are gnarly," McCarthy said, with Corden noting, "You really can't talk about anything seriously."

Schaal tried though. "'I know how to stop ISIS' — like, no one cares."

The three also tried taking sips of water from their mugs and blowing a few bubbles (using various techniques).

Watch the video below.

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