Melissa McCarthy Plays 'The Price Is Right' on 'The Late Late Show'

The Late Late Show with James Corden - Melissa McCarthy 2 - Publicity-H 2018
Terence Patrick/CBS

On Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show, James Corden helped Melissa McCarthy fulfill her dream of appearing on The Price Is Right. 

On Tuesday's episode, McCarthy's close friend Octavia Spencer told Corden that she, McCarthy and music manager Bradford Cobb auditioned for the show when they were younger. "Everybody had stuff that they had to know," Spencer explained. "We were ready. [We] researched." But despite their efforts, Spencer, McCarthy and Cobb were never chosen to appear.

Last night, Corden constructed a modified version of The Price Is Right's set so that McCarthy could play on the Late Late Show stage.

True to The Price Is Right's format, the game began when house band leader Reggie Watts invited McCarthy to "come on down" from the audience. After a short exchange between McCarthy and Corden, Watts introduced the prize: a new Sea-Doo watercraft.

"Tonight, you're going to be playing 'Pick a Number,'" Corden told McCarthy. He then showed her the last three digits of the Sea-Doo's price and instructed her to guess whether the missing first digit was 4, 6 or 9.

McCarthy turned to the audience and her Can You Ever Forgive Me? co-star Richard E. Grant for guidance. "Oh God, I'm weirdly nervous," she said after deliberating. "I'm gonna go with the 6!"

Corden revealed that the price was right. McCarthy celebrated her victory by boarding her new Sea-Doo, although Corden hinted it wasn't really going home with her. "We're going to return it to The Price Is Right immediately after the show, but let's not tell her," he quipped to the audience.

Watch McCarthy play The Price Is Right below.