'Mentalist': Jane and Lisbon Tiptoe Around the D.C. Issue (Exclusive Video)

Has Lisbon finally made a decision about D.C.?

The Mentalist's penultimate episode answers that very question, with the description promising that a decision will be made about whether Lisbon will leave with Pike for D.C. or stay with Jane and the FBI -- though last week, Jane made the decision to let her go.

The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive scene from Sunday's hour, "Black Hearts," which kicks off with Lisbon coming into the FBI office with Jane's favorite tea as he sleeps on his iconic brown couch. "I always did like that couch," Lisbon says, reminiscing.

VIDEO: 'The Mentalist': Lisbon Seriously Considers D.C. Move

After some idle chitchat, Lisbon and Jane start to have a serious conversation about her potential move. "Jane —," she starts. But she's soon interrupted by a ringing phone. It's Agent Fischer updating her on the week's kidnapping case.

The Mentalist airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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