'The Mentalist' Stars, Creator on Season 7's New Focus, Jane and Lisbon's Future

The Mentalist Season 6 Finale - H 2014

The Mentalist Season 6 Finale - H 2014

How will Jane and Lisbon's long-awaited romance finally play out on The Mentalist? That's the big question facing the series as it returns for its seventh and final season on CBS.

"Essentially, this season is about what happens when life turns out the way you had hoped it would," creator Bruno Heller told the media during a conference call with stars Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon). Last season saw the death of series baddie Red John, along with Jane and Lisbon finally admitting their feelings for one another.

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In the forthcoming 13-episode season, Heller said viewers can expect a new "lightness to the show and the relationships," along with the "kind of classic Mentalist episodes, old-school puzzles, old-school Jane being as clever as he always was." He added that the the first episode takes place in Beirut, while the rest of the season jumps around throughout the U.S.

And what can viewers expect from Jane and Lisbon's relationship? It will be a "very sort of Jane Austen-type of romance," according to Heller. Since they've known each other for so long, "you can see they're made for each other — not in a fiery kind of crazy way, but just in a human, gentle, correct way."

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Or to put in other way? "Season seven is not Fifty Shades of Grey done by The Mentalist," Tunney joked. To make her point, she added that Heller had previously said years ago that if Jane and Lisbon got together, they "would have all the sexual chemistry of the Clintons." Message received.

All three of them said they're excited to give fans the best possible ending to the show that they can with these 13 episodes. However, when asked if he would be open to taking the show to another network for an eighth season, Heller hedged a bit, saying, "Never say never."

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Reflecting on the show's successful run, Baker called himself "the luckiest motherf—er in the world to be able to be in this position." He also joked that he was hoping the show would have allowed him the chance to do a "nude sex scene."

The Mentalist's seventh season premieres Sunday, Nov. 30, on CBS.

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