Michael Moore Says Democrats Should "Double Down" With All-Female Presidential Ticket

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 940 Michael Moore - Publicity-H 2020
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Though Michael Moore has endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential race, the documentarian agrees with the New York Times that doubling down with an all-female ticket would be a smart move for Democrats.

Breaking with convention, the Times' editorial board has endorsed two Democrat candidates, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren. The news was revealed via the paper's FX docuseries The Weekly, which let viewers in on the process of interviewing the candidates for their endorsement.

Though Moore took issue with turning the institutional endorsement into a reality show of sorts — "I thought The Apprentice was back because they literally brought each of the Democratic candidates into a big boardroom where they had to sit at a table and do a dog and pony show for the 'editorial board' of the New York Times," he told host Seth Meyers during a Monday visit to Late Night — he also supported the move to "double down" with an all-female ticket.

"I said after the '16 election, I kept saying, 'Hillary got the most votes. We need to keep this in mind; do not despair. The majority of the country thinks like we do — by 3 million votes. And what we should do, actually, in 2020, we shouldn't run one woman; we should run two women. The vice president and president on the ticket will be two women. Let's just double down on this. Let's just double down,'" recalls Moore, who had at that point presciently predicted Trump's presidential victory months ahead of the 2016 election upset.

He continued, "And all the pundits will go, 'Oh no, no. You can't do that. They'll never get elected now.' Oh, yeah? I'll tell you right now: Every woman is going to vote and every young person is going to vote, and anybody who's part of any group that has had the boot on their neck for most of their lives because they belong to a particular ethnic group, a particular gender, a particular age group — everybody who knows that feeling will come out and be for that."

Moore then turned talk to Sanders, pointing out how the youngest voting demographic, ages 18-35, are supporting "the oldest candidate that's running."

"They know it's their future that we're really voting on this year," he said. "If we don't fix climate change now — we don't have four years — we're done. What they love about Bernie is that he's fighting for their future and he will not relent; they know he can't be bought, he will not give in. And it's not his future he's fighting for. He won't be around to see what will happen to this planet. This is totally selfless on his part."

Of the 78-year-old candidate, he added, "He's the one candidate Trump doesn't want to run against."

Still, he reiterated to Meyers what he has encouraged for all Democrats: that he will support the nominee, whoever he or she may be. "We, on Nov. 3, are coming. And we are large," Moore said looking into the camera, intending to speak directly to Trump. Adding of the president, "He's in deep trouble."

Moore's words come as young climate activist Greta Thunberg on Tuesday was telling business and political elites who gathered at the World Economic Forum that they aren't doing enough to tackle the climate emergency. Also on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton spoke to The Hollywood Reporter for a cover story about her upcoming Hulu documentary, where she shared some harsh words about Sanders and stopped short of saying she would support him if he got the nomination.