Michael Strahan References 'Legally Blonde,' Jokes About Avocado Toast on "Catchphrase"

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Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Michael Strahan and Michael Angarano joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots' Tarik "Black Thought" Trotter in a game of "Catchphrase" on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

Fallon explained that each player would be randomly assigned a phrase to describe to their partner. The team that is holding the timer when it goes off would lose the round.

Strahan started the game by describing a "wishbone" to Angarano. Trotter next described the word "werewolf" with the clue, "Michael J. Fox was a teen version of this." The first round concluded with Trotter singing his best Rihanna impression, though time ran out before Fallon could guess the singer.

The second round started with Angarano describing the Jim Carrey version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Strahan.

The former football player later said, "Legally Blonde. Her dog was a—" to describe his word, which was "Chihuahua." When Angarano struggled to identify the dog breed, Strahan shouted, "Taco Bell."

Trotter then gave Fallon clues for his phrase, which was "avocado toast." He said, "Sometimes you give this to us for the holidays. Like you spread it on bread in the morning." After the second clue, Fallon correctly guessed the term.

The round concluded when Trotter failed to guess Fallon's phrase, which was "Hot Pocket."

"Hey, I have a question," said Strahan in between rounds. "He gifts you guys avocado toast?" When Fallon laughed and tried to change the topic, Strahan announced, "That’s the worst gift ever. I'm out here giving out money and I could have just given somebody avocado toast."

"It's really special avocado toast," justified Fallon before he explained that the toast features sourdough bread from San Francisco.

Strahan turned to Trotter and said, "Hey, man, you’ve been brainwashed. Avocado toast is not a gift."

Before the players began the final round, Fallon commented, "I love that you know that dog from Legally Blonde."

Fallon started the final round by describing a "slow dance" to Trotter. Strahan struggled to convey his phrase "face-lift" to Angarano and Trotter quickly followed by effectively acting out his word "jackhammer."

Anagarano described his phrase "Olive Garden" by paraphrasing the restaurant's slogan, "When you're here, you're family." Strahan guessed IHOP, Friendly's and Applebee's before the buzzer went off.

"Oh man, I've never been to Olive Garden," shouted Strahan after he lost the game.

Watch the full game below.