Michelle Branch Records 'Terra Nova' Promo Track; Talks Upcoming Reality Show (Video)

While the singer appears in an ad for the upcoming Fox series, she tells THR about her new partnership with producers of 'Hell’s Kitchen.'
Courtesy Warner Bros. Records

Michelle Branch fans were only recently treated to the singer’s first solo offering in eight years, when she released “Loud Music” off her upcoming album, West Coast Time. Now, Branch is lending her vocals to the highly anticipated Fox fall series, Terra Nova.

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Singing “Another Sun,” Branch appears in a promotional spot for the show, unveiled on Sept. 22. Terra Nova makes its debut on Monday, Sept. 26.

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“The earth was all but collapsing. We couldn’t breathe the air, drink the water,” says actor Stephen Lang in a voiceover. “Terra Nova is a new beginning.” Lang plays Commander Nathaniel Taylor in the series, the first of a group of settlers to arrive on prehistoric Earth and begin cultivating a new colony of humans among a group of dangerous dinosaurs. Watch the clip below.

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In other Branch-related TV news, the singer tells The Hollywood Reporter that she’s working on launching a food show -- baking, to be exact -- and has hooked up with the producers of Hell’s Kitchen to bring it to life.  “I’m opening my bakery in LA hopefully sometime between January and March of next year and we’re going to film a food show following me as I try to open a restaurant while being on tour and being the mother of a six-year-old,” said Branch. As for the delectable confections she plans to make? “Mostly pies,” she says. “It’s like a bar and bakery -- a pastry speakeasy.”