Michelle Wolf Pokes Fun at White House Correspondents' Dinner Reactions

Michelle Wolf joined Seth Meyers on Late Night Wednesday to discuss her recent controversial hosting gig at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Meyers kicked off the spot by telling the former Late Night and Daily Show writer that she did an "incredible job" at the Correspondents' Dinner.

"It went great and every single person loved it. Across the board," Wolf joked. "Everyone loved it and actually Sarah Huckabee Sanders called me and said 'I loved it so much, I got every joke.'"

When Meyers noted that some contested the controversial speech, Wolf said, "You give the best information you have at the time."

In April Wolf drew the ire of some commentators for her comments about White House press secretary Sanders, who was in attendance at the dinner. The comedian was criticized for mocking Sanders' appearance, with such comments as comparing her to a "softball coach" and making fun of the press secretary's eye makeup. 

However, many comedians defended Wolf, including Meyers, whose Late Night show Wolf worked for as a writer from 2014-2016. Following the controversy, Wolf questioned why critics were "making this about Sarah’s looks?" in a tweet.

Next, Meyers showed Wolf a tweet from C-SPAN that said that in three days, Wolf's sketch became the most-watched Correspondents' Dinner video ever on the channel's site, beating Meyers' own turn in 2011. "I think that means I'm the father of your children now," Wolf joked.

Then, showing the audience a photograph of Wolf walking into a party with her writers' staff following the Correspondents' Dinner, Meyers asked what her staff was chanting. Wolf said, stifling laughs, "They're chanting 'Lock her up!'" echoing the oft-used chant of Donald Trump supporters when referring to 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

Wolf appeared on Late Night as she promotes her upcoming show on Netflix, The Break With Michelle Wolf, which premieres May 27. Of the show, Wolf said, "If you hated the Correspondents' Dinner, you're really going to hate this show."

When Meyers asked if Wolf learned anything from working on Late Night earlier in her career, she responded, "Every morning I walk into the the writers room and I reference foreign films that no one's ever seen. 'Have you seen The Dark Trombone?'" she joked.

Wolf then added: "I'm really lucky because I don't have any Michelles on my staff, so all my writers are nice." Meyers explained to the audience that when Wolf was on staff, she would write jokes that she just wanted Meyers to say, without actually expecting them to appear on the show.

"You wanted to watch me fail," he said.

Addressing Wolf's comments that Netflix allows her to tell jokes that former bosses wouldn't, Meyers asked for an example. Wolf riffed on her wish that Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election: "I wanted to show that women can do anything as long as her husband did it first."

Earlier in the show, Wolf joined Meyers and Late Night writers Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel for a segment of "Jokes Seth Can't Tell." As always, the recurring bit ended with Meyers telling a joke himself and being scalded by his cohorts. Wolf used the opportunity to make a quip about her Correspondents' Dinner critics. "That was not in the spirit of the event," she said to Meyers, faux aghast, mockingly echoing sentiments said about her own comments at the April dinner.