'The Middle:' Eden Sher on Her Sue Heck Tendencies (Video)

Live with a character for four seasons and you're bound to pick up a few quirks here and there, right?

"We've sort of blended into one person," The Middle's Eden Sher tells The Hollywood Reporter of her zany, wide-eyed character Sue Heck on the ABC comedy.

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"I feel like I've picked up things that Sue has done, and then there are things that I've done that I brought to the character that they're now written in to be like, classic Sue things. Like the Sue dance -- that was just my dance."

But not all the traits are cute.

"I do this thing where I physically hurt people when I'm not meaning to," she says. For an example, watch the video above.

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Currently filming the eighth episode of this season, Sher teases what's up next for Sue in the coming weeks. In addition to trying out for the school mascot, the teen will also get her driver's permit. As for which parent steps in to teach Sue the ways of the road, Sher says that will become a big plot point with neither mom (Patricia Heaton) nor dad (Neil Flynn) able to stomach the situation.

The Middle airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.