Mike Myers' Dr. Evil Mocks Sony Hack on 'SNL'

SNL Dr. Evil Cold Open Still - H 2014

Dr. Evil is worried that Sony Pictures and North Korea are giving evildoers a bad name. 

Saturday Night Live alum Mike Myers made a surprise appearance as the character on the show this weekend, where he mocked the Sony hacking scandal. 

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Dr. Evil claimed that the hackers should have had a loftier goal than just getting The Interview pulled from theaters. "It's easy to kill a movie — just move it to January," he said. 

He also made fun of the hacking group Guardians of Peace for their poorly chosen name. "There's already a GOP, and they're already an evil organization," Dr. Evil said, referring to the Republican Party.

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Dr. Evil added this about the studio: "Why pick on Sony? They haven't had a hit since the Walkman."

However, Dr. Evil did squeeze in a crack about the actor playing him. "If you really want to put a bomb in theaters, do what I did — put in The Love Guru," he said, a reference to Myers' 2006 comedy flop. 

Host Amy Adams did not appear in the segment. 

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