Mike Myers Praises Canada and Discusses Choice to Host 'The Gong Show' in Character

While stopping by Late Night With Seth Meyers, Canadian-born Mike Myers discussed his native country's relationship with the United States.

"I'm very proud to be Canadian — more so recently too," said Myers. "I would like to remind everybody that we have the longest undefended border in the world, and we have the longest peace treaties in the world."

He continued: "We're your No. 1 trading partner. On September 14, Canadian Special Forces were on the ground in Afghanistan. We did not get attacked ourselves, but we love America so much that over 40,000 Canadians served in Afghanistan. So these are just little facts I'd like to point out."

The actor's outspoken love for Canada follows Trump's decision to impose tariffs on imported Canadian goods. Trump defended his decision by stating that the tariffs are alternative means to address Canada as a threat to the United States' national security.

"Not the stuff of security threat I think you'll find, but anyways there I said it," Myers concluded.

The Late Night host then segued into his guest's work on The Gong Show. Myers hosts the amateur talent contest show in character as Tommy Maitland. "You did this without telling anybody it was Mike Myers playing the host of the show," said Meyers as he showed the audience a picture of Myers as Maitland.

"You know, I loved The Gong Show. There are three shows I loved growing up: Saturday Night Live, hockey night in Canada and The Gong Show," he said. "I thought The Gong Show was super punk rock, because it was kind of get in and get out and somebody gets hurt. It's just a real de-evolution of show business. It's anti-careerism. It's people flying their freak flag, you know? It's what I did with my brothers in kitchens at parties to try and make girls laugh."

Myers said he wanted to play Maitland because original Gong Show host Chuck Barris was his hero. "I read all of his books and he kept maintaining — I don't know if it's fiction or not — that he was in the CIA. And I just thought, in the spirit of that, what if we just pretend I was this guy Tommy Maitland. Give an elaborate backstory and just, you know, is the sort of guy that if somebody's terrible on the show, he'll go, 'I thought you were breathtaking. You've taken away my breath, and I will need it back.'"

"It's fun. It's like two weeks of silliness," he said of the job.

Watch the clip above.