Miley Cyrus Talks 'SNL' With Jimmy Fallon, Says "Kanye's Kind of Old"

Miley Cyrus Stephen Colbert - H

Miley Cyrus visited Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday to discuss her Saturday Night Live hosting duties, her new album and to compliment the late-night host on his style.

Bedecked in all yellow with a bunny-inspired lace headband mask, the pop singer first told Fallon after he complimented her outfit, "You're my fashion icon. If I was ever going to wear clothes, it'd probably be what you have on," to which the late-night host said, "because it's rare when it happens."

Cyrus then mentioned that "rainbow" is her favorite color before the two talked SNL.

The former Hannah Montana star said that "it was weird" performing on the SNL 40th Anniversary Special. "It was kind of weird. I was sitting there and was 20 feet, 15 feet from Leonardo DiCaprio sitting there with his mom and he was hitting a vap[or] pen, but it wasn't him that was making me nervous. I was feeling this emotion because there's like an etiquacy when we're there, you need to pass that shit, Leo, and he never did," she said. "So that was weird to me."

She said that DiCaprio was "looking at me like this (demonstrating with her eyes nearly closed and flittering) as I was performing." Cyrus admitted that she was "nervous" because "it was kind of an intimidating, weird room to be in. To cover a Paul Simon song with him in the building is pretty awkward."

"I was the only chick, I was the one — girl — that wasn't older," she said of her performance on SNL's anniversary night, adding, "Besides Kanye, but I mean even Kanye's kind of old, compared to me, but he's about to be our future president, so I shouldn't say too much."

She shared that at the SNL afterparty, she sang her song "Pablo the Blowfish," about her blowfish that died, and included some profanities in her explanation of the performance. "They tried to pull the old switcharoo and I'm too old for that shit. There was a new blowfish in the f—ing bowl. Excuse me, I know we're on TV," she said of her expletives.

Fallon then waved his hand and grabbed a pen, "There's a lot of things you can't say here. Did you know you're on TV? This Saturday is going to be tough. You know it's live, right?" he questioned. "You look like Lorne Michaels in the meetings," Cyrus replied. "Oh boy, oh boy," she said imitating the creator and producer of SNL.

The self-professed vegan then talked about her pig, who is also a vegan and sleeps on the couch in her house, and that the vet said needs to go on a diet.

The duo then discussed Cyrus' new (free) album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Pets, which she will be taking on tour with The Flaming Lips later in the year. "No one can really be mad at a gift, so I feel like you can really do what you want and say, 'well that was a gift,'" she said of the complementary album.

Fallon and Cyrus' conversation then transitioned into "emotional interview" time, where they acted out emotions at the ring of a bell, including "fake polite," "Jimmy Thinks Miley's Name Is 'Morely,'" "one-word answers" and "one-upping each other."

Cyrus will host and perform on Saturday's season premiere of Saturday Night Live.