Miley Cyrus on VMAs: 'It's a Month Later and We're Still Talking About It' (Video)

The pop star performed relatively tame versions of "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" on NBC's "Today" and talked about the controversy over her MTV performance and her feud with Sinead O'Connor.
Miley Cyrus on "Today"

Miley Cyrus kept things relatively tame during her Monday appearance on NBC's Today.

The pop star who's made headlines for her racy videos and performances, like her grinding-filled duet with Robin Thicke during August's MTV Video Music Awards, offered up far more modest versions of her most recent singles, "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball," on the morning show.

Wearing an all-white ensemble consisting of a loose-fitting short-sleeve shirt and short shorts, Cyrus mostly focused on her vocals while keeping her dance moves fairly family-friendly.

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During "We Can't Stop," though, she began twerking briefly in front of the audience, and she was accompanied by backup dancers, some of whom were little people, dressed as mushrooms, rainbows and a twerking flower, whose rear end she slapped during the song.

She also danced around with a foam finger for a bit before Today went to a commercial, a callback to her VMA performance.

Cyrus sat down for an interview with host Matt Lauer in which he asked her about the recent controversies, including the VMA performance and her feud with Sinead O'Connor.

Cyrus said her plan to deliver a VMA performance that people were talking about worked because "it's a month later and we're still talking about it." But she said she didn't plan to offend people by it.

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"I don't ever really plan to offend people, but sometimes it just happens, because I think people aren't open to things they don't understand," she explained.

As for her recent feud with O'Connor, Cyrus praised the singer, calling her "an incredible artist, an awesome songwriter" and an inspiration for her "Wrecking Ball" video. But she said she didn't understand how O'Connor, who wrote a series of open letters to the pop star, could start a fight with her by saying she respected her.

In closing, Cyrus said, "It's all good. You can write as many open letters as you want. That's really what blogging is. So, I mean, I get open letters every day. It's nothing too new for me."

Asked if she was bothered by all the attention she was getting, Cyrus stated, "Not really. It's kind of what I want, because I'm an artist. I'm hoping I'm getting a little attention or my record sales might be in trouble."

But she said she's not bothered by what people think of her onstage antics because she knows she's a good person by what she does offstage.

Cyrus also revealed she's heading out on tour next year.

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