'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' Stars on Finding Kimye's Home, Their "Boring" Co-Star

Million Dollar Listing Season 7 Cast - H 2014
Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Million Dollar Listing Season 7 Cast - H 2014

Bravo reality series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is getting flipped (yes, that's a real-estate pun) on its head for the upcoming seventh season, which premieres on Wednesday, Aug. 20. Josh Altman and Josh Flagg are both returning, but this will be the first season without mainstay Madison Hildebrand, who has been on the show since its first season. Instead, British realtors James Harris and David Parnes are entering the fray.

Coming off the show's highest-rated season yet, Altman and Flagg sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the big changes in their business and personal lives, including Altman's tense wedding preparations with fiancee Heather Bilyeu, who's not exactly besties with Josh's brother, Matt. The show's two returning stars also discussed what it's like to go house-hunting with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, how they've moved on since Flagg slapped Altman and why they're happy to see Hildebrand go.

What are the biggest surprises we can expect in season seven?

Josh Flagg: A lot of new faces and a lot of new rivalry. And a lot bigger properties — bigger than ever this season. I think this will be our best season. 

Josh Altman: You also get to see more of our personal lives. For me, in particular, you get to see me dealing with wedding stuff with my fiancee, Heather, and the ups and downs of planning a wedding — if you've ever gone through it, it's crazy. You get to see a vulnerable side of me, which is good because it's a side that they don't typically show, as opposed to just closing deals all day. 

What can you say about Madison's departure, and what are your thoughts on him having left the show?

Altman: I can tell him I wish him best of luck with his future endeavors, and I'm glad he's off the show because he was extremely boring. And I'm excited to watch the entire show all the way through now with the new cast because I always fast-fowarded through his parts anyway.

Will we see you working with any celebrity clients in the new season?

Altman: I have two. One of them I'm super, super excited about — a mentor in a way. A very successful businessman that is on one of the top TV shows in the world right now. 

I'm guessing ... Mark Cuban?

Altman: You're going to have to tune in. [Laughs.]

You work with a lot of celebrity clients — you're working with Mila Kunis right now. What is the biggest challenge in working with celebs?

Altman: I treat everybody the same — I don't care if they're a mega-celebrity, I don't care if they're a mega-businessman — but you do have to be on your game all the time [when helping a celeb]. They're very good at what they do, and they expect you to be very good at what you do. You got to be on your game. It's become a pretty everyday thing — I sold Kim and Kanye their house in Bel Air.

Can you share any Kimye stories?

Altman: I've met them both numerous times, and she's incredible. I've sold three of her houses so far. Talk about a hard-working individual and being on your game, she is nonstop. So, nothing but respect there, and I'm so proud of all their success. It's f---ing awesome.

Is there a rift between Matt and Heather?

Altman: You're going to see a lot more of Heather this year; you're going to see a lot more of my brother this year. We always joke around — Heather didn't realize, when she dated me, she also has to date my brother. Because when you're dealing with my brother and I — we're so tight, we grew up together — that you have to deal with both of us. We're almost like a package deal. So there's definitely frustration there because he's my brother, and he's also my best friend. [Plus,] she works with us. It's a whole circle of disaster. 

The last we saw of the two of you [Altman and Flagg], there was the slap. How are things between you now?

Flagg: [coyly] Go ahead and answer.

Altman: In this business, there's going to be things that you do and deals that you do that are going to be frustrating. I don't hold any grudges — you can't in the high-end market. There's too few people that are at our level, and you're going to have to deal with them again. I just showed a house yesterday, and it was Flagg's listing. You have to deal with it. You let it go, you move on. 

Is it tough displaying your personal and working lives on the show, and is that tough for clients?

Altman: Yeah, but we signed our life away [years ago]. You take the good with the bad, and I think that the good far outweighs the bad. People know your personal life, but they also know you're a top realtor, so who are they going to call? They're going to call one of us. [And then] you make more money.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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