Mindy Kaling Reveals Oprah's Baby Gift, Says Colbert's Present "Sucks" by Comparison

New mom Mindy Kaling stopped by The Late Show on Thursday to promote A Wrinkle in Time, though the conversation quickly turned to the topic of her two-month-old daughter Katherine. “I’m a new mom, so I don’t have to be at home with my kid,” Kaling joked after host Stephen Colbert thanked her for being on the show.

As for her thoughts on motherhood, Kaling said, “It’s really profound and strange and I was not a kid person at all. I was the person that if you had a baby at a party, I would go up to them and shake their hand. On planes when babies would cry, I would be mad at the families. Now I'm like, 'Let them cry! Let them do whatever they want! They can sit on me and poop if they want! Whatever they want!'"

The actress then thanked Colbert for the gift he and his wife sent Katherine, which consisted of white baby clothes. "With a baby girl, you get sent a lot of colorful things and pink things, and I thought this was so sweet and very fancy," the actress said.

Colbert admitted that the outfit is a bit old-fashioned. “Babies are eternal. They can fit in any time period,” he said.

“This is a little late 19th century.” Kaling responded, "If I'm crossing the Titanic with my baby, hoping for a new future for myself, this is the outfit I put her in.”

Before revealing the present Oprah gave to her and Katherine, Kaling wanted to acknowledge Colbert’s present one more time. “I love the outfit that you and Evie gave me. It’s so beautiful and nice,” she began. “It straight up sucks compared to what Oprah gave me, and I mean that with love.”

Kaling explained that she received a call at work stating that Oprah’s gift was being sent to her home accompanied by a U-Haul and two men. "Oprah's present to me was a hand-carved bookcase packed with 100 of the essential children's books of all literature, and each book was inscribed with a little sticker that said 'Katherine's Book Club' — like 'Oprah's Book Club,’” she revealed. “The bookcase was carved in the shape of an old-timey castle.” After noticing an uncomfortable Colbert, Kaling concluded, "It's such a nice present! And yours was such a nice present."

“We were gonna do that. I heard Oprah was gonna do it, so we did this instead,” Colbert joked. “I’m very happy for Oprah.” The host then added, “That’s amazing. She gave me a box of steak knives once.”

The actress tried one more time to show her gratitude for Colbert’s present. “She’s so lucky to be able to look like a 19th century baby,” she said.

Watch the full clip below.