Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert Promote Imaginary Movies They Co-Star In

Mindy Kaling had a few upcoming and recently released TV and movie titles to promote when she appeared on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show. But as if A Wrinkle in Time, NBC's Champions and Oceans 8 weren't enough, host Stephen Colbert challenged her to sell his audience on a few other yet-to-be-greenlighted projects, co-starring himself.

Presenting Kaling with mock posters for imaginary projects they could work on together, Colbert encouraged her to generate buzz the way she would any other title she promoted on late-night shows. The first poster, titled Forgotten Hands: The Untold Story of the Mathematicians Who Invented the High Fives, showed Kaling and Colbert as colleagues who were giving each other high fives. (The tagline: "They Were Up High When Everyone Else Was Down Low … Too Slow.")

"You don't get the chance to do something important all the time," Kaling joked, calling the film a "prestige drama" even though "people said it was 'stupid,' 'a waste of time.'"

"It's got one of the most international casts I've been in," Colbert offered. "It's A Beautiful Mind with less mind."

Time Travelin' Detectives, the next poster, showed Kaling playing Susan B. Anthony and Colbert as Vincent Van Gogh. Kaling brandished a magnifying glass, Colbert a gun, behind a backdrop of caution tape and a time-warp portal. 

"Oftentimes I look at a poster and I go, 'I need more going on.' I want more going on in this poster," Kaling joked. "It's the second most diverse movie I've been in," Colbert added.

Other movies they promoted included The Balloon Artiste in which Kaling is a mime who falls in love with a balloon. Though a love story, Colbert warned that the film takes a dark turn. "Right after we consummate the relationship, you fill him back up with helium and he flies away. … Starts off funny and ends sad." 

The late-night host and actress then celebrated their venture into the animation world with their horror film, Goodnight, Moon: The Horror Movie. "If you like misery and you liked children's books, this is the movie for you. I wasn't sure that the overlap on those two ideas was that much," Kaling mentions of their questionable animated film. 

Acknowledging that it was rewarding to be in such a diverse film, Colbert and Kaling unveiled the poster for their sleuth-sequel: Time Travelin' Detectives: Spring Break! "We could do so much with our power," Kailing said. "We could stop so much misery in the world, but we decided to party at spring break, Weekend at Bernie's style."