'Mistresses' Stars Preview Season 2 Drama, New Love Interests and Resolved Cliffhangers


Mistresses returns Monday night, with many cliffhangers left to resolve.

A quick recap: Viewers last saw Savi (Alyssa Milano) in the hospital following a car crash and torn between two men: Harry (Brett Tucker), her estranged husband, and Dominic (Jason George), the father of her unborn baby. Before she could reveal which man she chose, she fell unconscious and began coding.

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After having her license suspended, Karen (Yunjin Kim) was held at gunpoint by Elizabeth (Penelope Ann Miller) when Sam (Erik Stocklin) rushed in to save her; a gunshot was fired, but it was unknown who got shot. Joss (Jes Macallan) ended her relationship with Alex (Shannyn Sossamon) after cheating on her with her boss, and April (Rochelle Aytes) urged Paul (Dondre T. Whitfield) to go back to Florida to be with Miranda (Kate Beahan).

The second season, which debuts at 10 p.m. Monday on ABC, picks up a few months after September's season one closer -- and the cast promises that many questions will be answered right out of the gate.

"I'm not allowed to say who got shot, but we find out pretty much in the first episode," Kim tells The Hollywood Reporter of Karen's predicament. "It's not going to be drawn out. [The premiere] finds Karen a couple months after the incident, and we'll see her in a different workplace, trying to pick up the pieces and get her life back on track."

But, this being Mistresses, it won't be that easy. While Karen is done with the Grey family, she takes on a new patient (Catherine Kim) who leads her down a twisted path.

"Karen is trying to start again and she's done with dating, but things take a turn and she goes through an experimental phase as far as the dating world goes, and she pays the consequences for that slight turn she makes," Kim teases, declining to elaborate.

Meanwhile, Joss also has embarked on a new career -- as a party planner.

"It's not easy to break into, and she's starting her own business," Macallan tells THR, noting that brother-in-law Harry also works with Joss to try to get the business up and running. Among her clients this season will be Soleil Moon Frye, plays a version of herself, and Krista Allen, whose character "comes in like a bat out of hell as a crazy Beverly Hills housewife."

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Joss also embarks on a new relationship -- with a man (Revenge's Justin Hartley) -- "who turns her whole world upside down again and in a totally different way. It's a grown-up relationship, and he seems perfect and right and great, but then it gets interesting."

Both Kim and Macallan decline to say what happens to Savi as the season starts out other than viewers will find out pretty quickly whom she chose, between Harry and Dom.

"But that's not really the focal point of our story line this year," Kim adds. "Because whether she chooses Harry or Dom, she's always going to have conflict. These girls are never fully happy. They're happy for the moment -- they think they've found the right answer or the right guy or the right path -- but then they find out that all of these choices comes with a price they have to pay. It's really the friendship that pull these girls together."

Joss, meanwhile, steps up to take care of her sister and finds herself in a caregiver role in a bit of a "role reversal" for the siblings, Macallan says.

As for April, she also embarks on a new relationship. "A love interest comes in and works her world," Macallan says, adding: "All these women are trying to rebuild, but they all find new people in their lives who aren’t what they say they are. I can't give too much away; that would take the fun out of it."

Adds Kim: "If you thought these girls had issues last season, well get ready. Boy they have some problems, but they're problems that I think most women in America can relate to and sympathize with."