Andy Cohen Helps Stephen Colbert Come Around to Mitt Romney (Video)

Stephen Colbert Andy Cohen Screen Shot - H 2012
Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert Andy Cohen Screen Shot - H 2012

Cable news' coronation of Mitt Romney as the presumed Republican nominee for the 2012 election left Stephen Colbert feeling conflicted after the New Hampshire primary.

On Wednesday's Colbert Report, the host weighed the pros and cons of Romney like a character in a Katherine Heigl movie might consider a bachelor.

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"Let's be honest," said Colbert. "I've seen this coming for a long time. It's not fireworks, but I should just grow up and accept it... I'm so confused. You know, if this were a romantic comedy, I'd get advice from my perceptive gay best friend.

Enter: Bravo's Andy Cohen.

Colbert proceeded to explain his conflicted emotions to the Watch What Happens host over salad and cocktails.

"Here's the thing," he said. "I don't know about this guy Mitt, who's coming on to me so hard."

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Cohen did his best help Colbert navigate his feelings before he was interrupted, mid-conversation. Colbert starts typing away on a laptop, while his inner monologue fired off a series of Sex and the City-style puns.

Watch the complete video below: