'Conan' Creates Mitt Romney 'Gaffe' With Edited Footage (Video)

The TBS show created a fake offensive statement from the presidential candidate by taking words from his "60 Minutes" interview.

This isn't exactly compassionate conservatism.

After CBS' 60 Minutes aired interviews with President Obama and Mitt Romney,Conan O'Brien introduced an excerpt from Romney's interview, claiming it was aimed at "rehabilitating" the Republican presidential candidate's image.

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But Team CoCo edited the clip to create an over-the-top gaffe instead:

“We have housing vouchers and food stamps and these help the poor. I’d take the dollars to for those programs, send then back to the states and say to the poor—“ (Here the Conan team's edit begins) —that they should sit in your apartments and die.”

O'Brien also marked on Romney's new tan, which the blogosphere claimed was fake, though Romney's makeup artist says it was natural.

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"He looks like Ricardo Montalbán now," O'Brien said.

Watch the video below.