Watch Mitt Romney Hilariously Explain Why He Didn't Run for President (Video)

Tonight Show Mitt Romney Jimmy Fallon H 2015

Tonight Show Mitt Romney Jimmy Fallon H 2015

In a Tonight Show sketch on Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon explained why Mitt Romney officially exited the 2016 presidential race this past January.

Acting as Romney's alter ego, Fallon told Romney that it was because "You enjoy the freedom — you get to sit back, relax, golf all the time, do whatever you want." Romney joked back: "Aka, be president?”

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Besides, said Romney, "We’ve got turmoil in the Middle East, an immigration crisis here at home and now Zayn [Malik] quit One Direction — thanks, Obama!"

Romney currently is getting ready for his charity boxing match opposite Evander Holyfield on May 15, but if he loses, noted Fallon: "That’s true, I guess it’s not the first time we lose to a black guy."

And, during their interview, Romney joked that he'll happily bet against Fallon in the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, telling him, "I figured, whatever you're gonna choose will lose." Fallon's comeback: "I went for you in 2008, so there you go!"

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