Mitt Romney's $10,000 Debate Bet Lands in Jon Stewart's Crosshairs (Video)

The "Daily Show" host and correspondent John Oliver suggest the presidential candidate just embrace his status as "an out of touch multi-millionaire."
Comedy Central

The biggest pop culture takeaway from Saturday's G.O.P. debate was the awkward moment Mitt Romney extended an open hand to Rick Perry, challenging him to wager of $10,000.

Naturally, it warranted its own segment during Monday's Daily Show.

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"This is awesome," said host Jon Stewart after showing the clip. "A Mormon gambling with an Evangelical over who's the bigger liar! Are there any commandments left?"

Perry was challenging the former Massachusetts governor over his stance on individual mandates for healthcare, an issue he's been accused of waffling on. When Romney suggested the bet, Perry, looking quite shocked, responded, "I'm not in the betting business."

Stewart and Daily Show political correspondent John Oliver then decided that the flagging candidate needs to roll with the "preexisting narrative about Romney being an out of touch multi-millionaire."

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"There's no way around this," said Oliver. "If he really wants to shut Rick Perry up, he has got to embrace the rich douche within."

Romney isn't the only G.O.P. candidate to get slammed by the Daily Show team, though. When assessing the group's various Achilles heels, Oliver noted that Perry actually has an "Achilles head."

Watch the full clip below: