C-SPAN Caller Inquires About Mitt Romney's Penis (Video)

Red Guard: Mitt and Ann Romney
Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Michigan Governor Mitt Romney and his pretty wife Ann Romney -- sporting an appropriate Republican red jacket --  do a campaign stop-over in Iowa on Jan. 1. This is just two nerve-wracking days before the Iowa Republican Caucus that will move one candidate (there are seven) up in the bid for the party's presidential nomination. 

Mitt Romney brought home a win in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, but one Granite state jokester called his manhood into question during a phone call into C-Span.

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During an early morning appearance on Wednesday, Jan. 11, Chairman Wayne MacDonald of the New Hampshire Republican Party fielded caller questions, including one from a prank caller named “Dan,” who claimed to hail from Portsmouth, NH.

“I used to be an assistant to the Portsmouth city manager and part of my job would be to help prepare for the primaries, so I know a little bit of what Chairman MacDonald is going through,” the caller began. “A very little bit, I know you have a big job today sir.”

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Leading into his question, "Dan" continued: “My question in regard to how turnout will affect the eventual results. Mr. Chairman, do you believe that Mitt Romney has a big penis?”

Watch video of the exchange below, via Fishbowl DC, in which the bewildered and obviously perturbed host attempts — unsuccessfully -- to remedy the situation.