MLB Network Airs Uncensored F-Bombs During Playoffs Coverage

Detroit's Victor Martinez and Oakland closer Grant Balfour began yelling profanity at each other during Monday's game.

Things got heated during game three of the American League Division Series on Monday, leading to an uncensored spew of profanity during the MLB Network's live coverage of the game.

With the Oakland A's leading the Detroit Tigers by a score of 6-3 in the bottom of the ninth, Detroit's Victor Martinez was at the plate, when suddenly he and Oakland closer Grant Balfour began yelling "F--- you" at each other.

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It's not clear what led to the exchange, but each one of the profanities was heard loud and clear during the network's coverage.

As the umpires, coaches and players all rushed the field, one of the commentators noted that Balfour, "has the demeanor of a guy that wants to fight you. That's not his intention; that how he gets himself out there ready to throw in the ninth. Martinez took exception to that talk, offered a few words back and then it escalated really quickly."

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He also went on to apologize for the uncensored feed.

"We apologize for some of the live audio that we may have caught," he added. Watch the video below.

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For viewers looking to complain to the FCC, it should be noted that organization regulates only broadcast networks, not cable. While the cable networks typically refrain from airing such language during daytime hours, the nature of live coverage sometimes lends itself to such situations.