'Modern Family' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

After a strong showing at the Emmys, fans enthuse, “Modern Family might just surpass 30 Rock's latest season in terms of comedy writing.”
Rick Rowell/ABC

Modern Family returned for its third season Wednesday night -- the same week it swept the Emmys, winning the first four awards.

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ABC aired two back-to-back episodes.

The first found the family vacationing together in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Hijanks ensued as Gloria (Sofia Vergara) was hit on by the cowboy who ran the ranch, and her husband, Jay (Ed O'Neill), tried to get step in. Meanwhile, Phil (Ty Burrell) finally got his chance to prove his manhood to his father-in-law, Jay, while his wife, Claire, had one awkward encounter after another with her daughter Haley's (Sarah Hyland) boyfriend, Dylan (Reid Ewing). Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) also struggled with proving his masculinity after deciding to adopt a baby boy with partner Cam (Eric Stonestreet).

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The first episode also introduced the new baby Lily (the adopted daughter of Mitch and Cam), who will now be played by a speaking toddler, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, 4. Baby twins Jaden and Ella Hiller played the role in the first two seasons.

In the second episode, Claire goes to great lengths to prove that she's always right in every situation, going as far as to obtain security camera footage to show that her husband pushed her into a food display while they were grocery shopping. Cam and Mitch also reveal to their family that they're adopting a second child.

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The series performed so well at the Emmys that host Jane Lynch joked it should be called "The Modern Family Awards." The viewers apparently agreed, Tweeting comments like:

lyrac01 caryl aglian
The 1st ep. of New Girl is pretty good. Modern Family is still hilarious and Oceanic 815 is trending worldwide...awwww.

bunni1313 Sydnee Schwartz
Modern Family = amazing.

SeanWDevlin Sean Devlin
Modern Family was HISTERICAL last night! Can't wait till the next! :)

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oneblackcoffee Coffee Bean
Modern Family S03E01. Pretty decent. Some nice new developments. Like :)

LucyFlangehaus Lucy Flangehaus
'Modern Family' season premiere recap: The Emmys were right! Suck it! bit.ly/q65N1E

MukaOCinzento Muka (Murilo)
Modern family = awesome

uzlightning la luz
Yeeeeeey Modern Family is back!

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umm_okay Abhay Krishna
Modern Family - highly recommended for all those who are fed up of all the 'reality' trash tht is being thrown at u by the channels #sitcom

therealpavell PΛVEL
About to watch new episodes of Modern Family. Ooooh autumn is full of good tv series.

iestatiptra Tg Iesta PuTRA
hate to admit this, but Modern Family might just surpass 30 Rock's latest season in terms of comedy writing...

ImImaniAllen Imani Allen
Modern Family is such a funny show! No wonder they swept the board at the Emmy's!

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bongopondit bongo pondit
Modern Family did not disappoint last night.

labuzamovies Peter Labuza
Modern Family premire: humor and charm of cast still carries it, even when rehashing same plots from the 1st season.

The new Lily also sparked some reaction:

pepilic Fiorella M.
Que grande que esta Lily de Modern Family! [How big Lily is now on Modern Family!]

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asherly89 Ashley
Watching Modern Family and new Lily is so cute! I'll miss the original Lily, but they did a great job picking (cont) tl.gd/d82sqc

And not everyone loved the show:

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RRavidgolfer robertr09
Modern Family last night - meh. The gay duo is not that funny. The others are great. Manny, Phil, Claire, Gloria. Need more Claire & Gloria.


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