'Modern Family' Ratings Climb 4.5 Million with DVR Audience, Tops All Other Series

At the beginning of its third season, the ABC comedy has the highest average DVR audience.
Peter "Hopper" Stone/ABC

In the first month of its third season, ABC's Modern Family has enjoyed some of its best ratings, hovering between 13 and 14 million total viewers. Add the audience watching it on a delay and the show jumps past 18 million.

Nielsen Co. has released DVR ratings for the first two weeks of the fall seasons, and Modern Family enjoyed the strongest additional audience with 4.5 million.

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It bested all other primetime series, sitting atop Hawaii Five-0, Two and a Half Men, The Mentalist and NCIS, which round out the top 5. All in all, 8 series push past the 3 million mark.

The only freshman series in the top 10, Fox's big budget Terra Nova, rakes in an extra 3 million viewers
with the DVR audience.

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Speaking in percentages, the modestly performing Fringe enjoyed the healthiest boost. It grew 52.8 percent in viewers, from 3.05 million to 4.65 million.