Modern Seinfeld Twitter Feed Imagining New Episodes Goes Viral

Seinfeld Today Twitter Cast Inset - H 2012
Twitter;Getty Images

Seinfeld Today Twitter Cast Inset - H 2012

@seinfeldtoday, a new Twitter feed that imagines what Seinfeld episodes might be like if the '90s sitcom were still on the the air, sprang up two days ago and already has more than 122,00 followers.

The feed features haiku-like descriptions of potential new episodes set in today's world of the Internet and Twitter.

For example, a recent tweet: "Jerry discovers Newman is secretly an Internet famous fan fiction writer. George gets aroused reading 50 Shades of Grey, questions self."

Jack Moore, sports editor at Buzzfeed and comedian-playwright, is the genius behind the feed. He and his friend, comedian Josh Gondelman, both Seinfeld fans (Moore told Fishbowl LA that he has the whole series on a thumbdrive he keeps in his bag), started tweeting pitches back and forth before Moore decided the idea was worth its own feed.

Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter he's "definitely surprised" by the response and that 120,000 followers is "insane."

He hasn't heard from Jerry Seinfeld or co-creator Larry David yet, but Jason Alexander (George Costanza) retweeted a news story about the feed.

Modern Seinfeld can be found @seinfeldtoday on Twitter.

See five of our favorite tweets below: