'Mom' Boss Opens Up About Bonnie and Christy's Journey, Plans for Season 3

Mom S02E22 Still 1 - H 2015
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Mom S02E22 Still 1 - H 2015

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season two finale of CBS' Mom.]

Mom ended its second season on a quieter note.

The last few episodes of Mom's second season featured Bonnie (Allison Janney) struggling with her sobriety. And with both of Christy's (Anna Faris) kids opting to live elsewhere — Violet (Sadie Calvano) with her fiancé (David Krumholtz) and Roscoe (Blake Garrett Rosenthal) with his father (Matt L. Jones) — Christy tried, in vain, to find a home away from her mother.

But, ultimately, Christy couldn't stay away for long. After stopping at several of her friends' homes, Christy realized her home with her mother was where she belonged. The two reunited, and made their peace with one another — at least for now.

Mom co-creator Gemma Baker spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Bonnie and Christy's newfound peace, possible romance in season three and more.

What led to the decision to have Bonnie and Christy end the season on a peaceful note?

Bonnie and Christy do best when they're on the same page. When they're together, anything is possible. I think the finale is about them realizing that. I'm not sure what season three has in store, but I think season three will see more of Bonnie and Christy working together, to sort of pull out of some of the consequences they're experiencing.

Right now Violet and Roscoe are out of the house. Is the plan to bring them back into the fold sooner versus later?

There isn't a plan, but Christy is going to fight for her children, and is going to do what she needs to do. And Bonnie is going to support her. We're going to see them working to bring the family back together. That's what the series is about. We all make mistakes, where do we from here? And after you've made mistakes, how do you get your family back together and move on?

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Jaime Pressly (Jill) was promoted to be a series regular next season. What will her being around more bring to the show?

Jaime is a delight to work with. She brings such passion and enthusiasm for the show. I just feel like she's been a great addition. She's really fun to write for.

Red Band Society kept Octavia Spencer from Mom for a good portion of season two. Is there room for Regina to appear in a more regular capacity?

I think she'll definitely be back. As much as she'll be around [to film Mom], we love having her. We think she brings so much to it. One of my favorite episodes this season is where she gets out of prison. I felt we were able to address religion and all of these big questions. That big question of how do you have faith when something terrible happens? I know I went through [that] when I lost someone. I think it's really relatable. And through Regina's journey, we got to address that for Bonnie. That was one of my favorite episodes this season. I think Regina's path will continue with finding her spirituality, and we've been enjoying exploring those big issues this season.

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As you look toward season three, is there room for a serious romance on the show, be it either for Bonnie or Christy? Or is Bonnie still too wounded from losing Alvin (Kevin Pollak)?

I definitely think there will be romance in season three. I think the first two seasons, they were pulling their lives together. I think as they continue to grow, and get their lives together a little bit more, I think there will be more room for romance.

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