Mondo Guerra's Take on 'Project Runway': Designers Create Looks for Eight Lucky Super-Fans

Project Runway Episode 10 Models - H 2013
Courtesy of Lifetime

Tim Gunn rolled out the red carpet this week for eight deserving Project Runway super-fans for the L'Oreal makeover challenge. It's every viewer's dream come true!

And from makeovers to meltdowns, the designers had to confront one competitor's unbelievable temper tantrum after his explosive outburst.

In the Workroom

After a long day designing for their super-fans, everyone was exhausted. But Alexander and Bradon still had the task of packing up and moving in with Justin and Ken. 

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Two knocks later, at the door of their new home, Ken couldn't be bothered to answer, let alone welcome his new roommates.  Instead, Ken kept passive-aggressively ironing his cutoff jean shorts while the tired designers waited with their luggage.

Exasperated, Alexander shoved the iron and board out of his way so he could enter the room, saying "I can throw drama too, honey."

Then, Ken lost it. His angry, shouting tirade escalated to the point that not even the Project Runway production team could contain his fury. Bradon and Alexander retreated to their former hotel room and locked the door. It was INTENSE.

The next day at Parsons, Tim talked to Ken about his extreme temper tantrum and suggested he seek anger management.  Ever the mentor and peacemaker, Tim helped the designers regroup and refocus on giving their super-fans the experience they deserved.

The Best and the Worst

Fashion designer Erin Fetherston and Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi were guest judges this week.

Justin, Bradon and Helen served the top transformations of the night, while Alexandria, Ken and Alexander's scores landed them in the bottom.


Justin LeBlanc + Tristen

Justin proved that modesty can still be modern.  He was able to acknowledge Tristen's concerns about her Mormon faith and weight loss while maintaining his own design aesthetic.  The "signature" detail is so clever.  It's the perfect accent.  A charming, flattering, well-made LBD.


Bradon McDonald + Jennifer

Jennifer asked for a New York escape from her Arkansas reality and Bradon delivered.  The embellished leather coat-vest gives this look versatility while the high-shine trim elevates the LBD.  She looks fresh, sexy and classy.  A cool look for a cool urban girl.


Helen Castillo + Jamie

Jamie started out an awkward duckling but Helen worked her magic and transformed this super-fan into a swan.  The deep blue hue of this gown is beautiful against Jamie's porcelain complexion. Very pretty.


Alexandria von Bromssen + Stephanie

Zac Posen called this look "maternity librarian." Alexandria did Stephanie no favors with this design. The proportions are strange, the colors are drab and it lacks visual interest. This is not an outfit that would land an artistic young professional her dream job.  Not flattering at all.


Ken Laurence + Susie

Susie quite possibly had the best attitude of the super-fans.  But her bubbly energy was not reflected in Ken's design. The graphic leather lines dissect her in all the wrong places and the silhouette is a total snooze. What a shame. Susie is a stunner inside and out and this shift does her no justice.

Alexander Pope + Andrea

This does not look like Alexander's work. He's shown us impeccable tailoring in past challenges, so to see this buckled and ill-fitting suit on Andrea is disappointing. The dark organza details don't make sense and the look as a whole just feels sad.

The Judges' Decisions

Helen's streak at the top continues and she earned her fourth win of the season.

And after weeks at the bottom, Ken was finally auf'd. I think I heard the entire country let out a sigh of relief.


Mondo's Last Word

Helen's super-fan Jamie stole the show with the most dramatic makeover of the evening.  But Jamie's near-model measurements didn't exactly challenge Helen's design skills.  It's an impressive achievement from everyone's favorite dark princess but just not that original, in my opinion.

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I thought it was Justin's turn to win.  Not only did he capture the spirit of the challenge, he showed innovation with his "signature" embroidery and ambition by constructing a corset to help give his super-fan an extra boost of confidence.

Tristen chimed in on Justin's design on my Facebook fan page:

I was glad Ken was eliminated. If he hated that green fabric so much, it was his responsibility to inspire his client with something better. Throughout the season, I thought Ken's designs lacked innovation and imagination and his explosive temper gave me anxiety just watching the show. I can only imagine how his fellow competitors felt.

I was completely appalled by Ken's behavior.  Wow.  Really?? Inexcusable.  He absolutely needs help and I hope he gets it.  SOON.  When I asked my Facebook fans what they thought about his outburst, almost 500 comments poured in expressing their disbelief.

Did Ken learn his lesson after seeing the episode? Apparently not. From his Facebook fan page:

Humble much, Ken...? (And what's a foot stood...?)

Although, to be honest, I was afraid Alexander was going home based on his poor execution. I think ambition was what made the difference here with the judges. Alexander was clearly thrown by his confrontation with Ken and it his construction definitely suffered.

What were your thoughts? Was Ken "outta order?"  Which designer would you have wanted to design for you?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

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