Morrissey Goes on Colbert, Gets Teased Mercilessly (Video)

The Colbert Report Morrisey - H 2012
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The Colbert Report Morrisey - H 2012

Did you know Morrissey is not a fan of the Royal Family?

Of course, he's made his feelings that the royals are dictators abundantly clear over the years -- this is the guy that titled an album The Queen is Dead -- and most people fail to question his assertions (at least to his face, since he's quite prickly, and also a god of indie rock, as he so said himself).

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Obviously, that meant that it was a no-brainer for Stephen Colbert to give the former Smiths crooner a big dose of his trademark antagonism.

In an interview on Tuesday, the host went after Morrissey, teasing him about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding, all with a gleeful smile that said, "This is a dream." Morrissey may have been in on the joke -- hard to tell -- but he did trot out his favorite disses about William, Kate and Queen Elizabeth, such as "I think they're arrogant, horrible dictators."

Oh, and Colbert pushed his buttons about his long-standing refusal to bring back The Smiths with guitarist Johnny Marr.

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