Mr. Golden Globe 'Randy' Asks If Harvey Weinstein Is His Father (Video)

Mr. Golden Globe Finds His Father

Miss Golden Globe, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's daughter Sosie, was soon joined by Mr. Golden Globe, revealed to be "Randy" -- Tina Fey's "adult son from a previous relationship." "Randy" was really Amy Poehler wearing a Justin Bieber-like wig and tux. When Fey threatened to send Randy to live with his father, Randy responded: "You won't tell me who he is."

"He's here tonight, so look around," Fey shot back. First up was Idris Elba, before Randy moved on to Harvey Weinstein amid cheers from the hotel ballroom.

When Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick appeared onstage to introduce their daughter Sosie as Miss Golden Globe, they were joined by Mr. Golden Globe, or as Tina Fey introduced him, her "adult son from a previous relationship, Randy."

Amy Poehler then walked out onstage wearing a Justin Bieber-like brown wig and a tux.

Randy then began complaining about having to participate in the show.

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"I don't want to do this. This is so stupid," Poehler, as Randy, said in a teenage whine.

NBC, which aired the Golden Globes, then got a quick Olympics promo as Randy introduced himself to Sosie.

"Hey, your name is Sosie, what are you the Olympics?" Randy said, referencing the Russian town, Sochi, that serves as the setting of next month's Winter Games, which will also air on NBC.

Randy continued to complain, referencing Jacqueline Bisset, whose bizarre speech and broadcast curse word raised eyebrows earlier in the evening.

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"God, I hate being up here. Jacqueline Bisset is backstage bothering me," Randy said.

"You could learn a lot from Jacqueline Bisset, she is a winner," Fey shot back.

The bickering escalated with Fey threatening to send Randy to live with his father and Randy responding, "You won't tell me who he is."

But Fey revealed, "He's here tonight, so look around."

Randy then quickly made his way to the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom table, first asking if Idris Elba is his father and then moving a seat over and asking if Harvey Weinstein was his father, causing the Beverly Hilton ballroom to start cheering.