'Mr. Robot': Five Possible Suspects Behind the Show's Killer New Twist

Mr. Robot S02E01 Still 3 - Publicity - H 2016
Michael Parmelee/USA Network

Mr. Robot S02E01 Still 3 - Publicity - H 2016

[Warning: This story contains spoilers through the latest episode of USA Network's Mr. Robot.]

Before there was fsociety, there was a freak show.

In a flashback scene at the start of the latest episode of Mr. Robot's second season, old-school hacker and ex-con Romero (Ron Cephas Jones) runs down the history of fsociety's soon-to-be headquarters. In the 1920s, the Coney Island location was first known as The Bedford Lilliputian, a popular carnival attraction, best known as "a dwarf sanctuary." Then, out of the blue, all success aside, the owners — the Bedford family — died under horrible circumstances.

"The husband wakes up on Christmas morning, slices his wife's throat open, kills his kids, and slits his own wrists," says Romero. "No motive was ever determined."

So on and so forth for the subsequent owners of the space. In the 1960s, a woman turned it into Games Games Games, an old school arcade with a bar and a pool table; in the '80s, she fell off of her bar stool and impaled herself on a pool cue. In the 2000s, new owners bought the arcade under the name Fun Society Amusement LLC, and again, more death. Eventually, it landed in Romero's hands, thanks to his six-year stint in prison sharing a cell with the latest owner.

"This place made him crazy," Romero reveals. "He thinks it's cursed. Before I left, he gave me the keys to the joint and made me swear to close it down. He believes it's haunted. He believes it's the nexus of all evil in the universe."

Perhaps it's an extreme view, but is it wholly inaccurate? After all, this same arcade — the erstwhile Games Games Games and Bedford Lillipution — eventually became the site where the 5/9 Hack, described by fsociety hacker Mobley (Azhar Khan) as "the crime of the century," was both developed and implemented. Look no further than the grim world of Mr. Robot season two to see just how much chaos has been unleashed… and look no further than Romero for tangible proof of the bodies left in the hack's wake.

Romero, discovered dead with a bullet in his head, isn't the first major player close to the 5/9 Hack to die, either. All-Safe founder Gideon Goddard (Michel Gill), connected to fsociety only thanks to his professional relationship with Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), was assassinated in the season premiere as well. While we witnessed Gideon's death firsthand, the trigger-man on Romero remains a mystery — and it's entirely possible that the two parties are linked. 

Fans have their own theories about who's targeting the show's main characters. Even the characters themselves have their suspicions. Based on the information available right now, here are five of the biggest suspects on the board — assuming we shouldn't just blame the nexus of evil bubbling beneath the fsociety surface.

1. Elliot

The show's protagonist can't account for the time he loses when Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) takes over. The night before Gideon's death, Elliot took a meeting with Ray (Craig Robinson). Did he order Gideon's death? As for Romero, Elliot famously pulled a gun on the man during the show's seventh episode — except back then, viewers only saw Mr. Robot, not Elliot in the flesh. Did Elliot finally finish the job, fueled by his darker personality? He's the lead suspect on the board, at least as far as Mobley believes.

2. Darlene

Mobley also suspects Darlene (Carly Chaikin), Elliot's sister, given her current place at the head of the fsociety movement. He tells Trenton (Sunita Mani) that Darlene and Elliot are "the only two who talk to the Dark Army, and they're trying to tell us the Dark Army isn't involved. We just committed the crime of the century and they're trying to cover their tracks. Right now, we're the tracks." In the premiere, Darlene breaks down in tears when nobody's looking. In front of her soldiers, however, she comes across as a militant commander. Would the Darlene of season one sentence people like Gideon and Romero to death? Maybe not, but the Darlene of season two is tracking as a darker character right now — and perhaps we're just beginning to see the depths of that darkness.

3. The Dark Army

Speaking of darkness, Mobley also suspects the Dark Army, the Chinese hacker group that joined forces with fsociety in the 5/9 Hack. They're certainly a dangerous organization filled with smoke-and-mirror tactics, always one step ahead of Elliot's crew throughout season one. Given their record of protecting themselves above all else, could Dark Army leader White Rose (BD Wong) be leading the charge against the core members of fsociety, in order to clean up their tracks?

4. A New Organization

Theories about Elliot's illusory whereabouts still hold after two weeks of season two, but they've been complicated through the emergence of Ray as a key figure in the hacking world. His exact role remains unknown, but at least some of his employers and colleagues are desperate enough to severely beat a man in order to get desired information. Is Ray's group coming after fsociety for reasons we don't know yet? Recall Ray's final words to Elliot in the episode: "I've been looking for a good adversary." Perhaps he's already found him.

5. Tyrell Wellick

Where is Tyrell (Martin Wallström), the exiled E Corp executive turned fsociety coconspirator? We don't know, but he's "not yet where I'm supposed to be… but soon, very soon," according to what he tells Elliot during their phone call. When he picks up on Elliot's discomfort, Tyrell says: "Don't tell me you're having second thoughts. You don't want me to have to worry about you?" Wherever he is — and assuming he's alive, not just a figment of Elliot's imagination — he's in the thick of an agreed upon plan. Does that plan involve killing some of the players closest to the hack? It certainly wouldn't be Tyrell's first time wrapping his proverbial hands around some proverbial throats.

Who do you think killed Romero, and do you think his death is linked with Gideon's?

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