'Mr. Robot' Podcast: Forecasting the Dark Road Ahead

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[Warning: This story contains spoilers for season three, episode three of USA's Mr. Robot"eps3.3_metadata.par2."]

"Is Shayla's apartment cursed like the fsociety arcade? That's interesting."

These are the ominous words of Kor Adana, one of the writer-producers at the heart of USA's Mr. Robot, weighing in on a disturbing prospect: Darlene Alderson (Carly Chaikin) moving next door to her brother Elliot (Rami Malek), inhabiting the same apartment once rented out by the late, great Shayla Nico (Frankie Shaw). Is Darlene's temporary residence a sign that she's barreling toward a fate similar to what Shayla experienced in the first season of the series? Adana's response on that front isn't exactly encouraging.

"Darlene is in a tough place," he adds of Darlene, struggling through season three as she's drowning in competing loyalties to her brother, to the FBI, to her own personal safety and sanity. "Regardless of what she does, she will end up hurting or betraying someone important to her."

For all of its darkness, Mr. Robot tends to tread lightly when it comes to killing off core characters. Yes, there's Shayla, the first massive death of the series, as well as Giddeon Goddard (Michel Gill) and Cisco (Michael Drayer), both of whom were gunned down in cold blood in season two. Even this season, the Sam Esmail-created show saw the death of Joanna Wellick (Stephanie Corneliussen), killed off in unceremonious fashion — the latest major casualty, but the first-ever series regular death.

When it comes to the central castmembers, then, Mr. Robot is rather selective in plucking players from the board. But is it time to start worrying about Darlene following Joanna out the door this season? Can Elliot's sister successfully steer through the chaos raining down all upon her life? 

Darlene's fate is one of many subjects tackled this week on the Mr. Robot podcast collaboration between The Hollywood Reporter and Post Show Recaps. Hosts Josh Wigler (that's me!) and Antonio Mazzaro discuss Darlene's dilemma and more, including:

•  The increasingly blurry line between Malek's performance as Elliot and as Mr. Robot, traditionally played by Christian Slater;

•  The potential missed connection between Elliot and E Corp CEO Phillip Price (Michael Christopher);

•  Why Irving's (Bobby Cannavale) answer to Angela's pressing question should have everyone on high alert;

•  How Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) turning on Elliot isn't quite as sudden as it appears at first glance;

•  A possible connection between Darlene and her handler Dom DiPierrio (Grace Gummer), and why Darlene's bar date with Dom may have been more than just a bonding session;

•  And more!

Listen to the podcast below:

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