'Mr. Robot': Watch the Opening Minutes of the Season 3 Premiere (Video)

The Sam Esmail thriller returns Oct. 11, and it begins with a massive reveal.
Peter Kramer/USA Network

The third season of Mr. Robot is wasting no time getting into the thick of one of the show's most intriguing mysteries.

USA Network have released the first seven minutes of the season-three premiere, airing Oct. 11, culminating in the exploration of the Washington Township nuclear power plant — a site of great importance to Whiterose (BD Wong), the enigmatic leader of the Dark Army, and more commonly known by her public alias: Zhang, China's Minister of State Security.

For those in need of a refresher, the Washington Township reactor was the same site where both Elliot Alderson's (Rami Malek) father and Angela Moss' (Portia Doubleday) mother once worked, ultimately leading to both of their deaths, and pushing Elliot down the dark path that led to the Five/Nine Hack. Whatever's happening in this facility, it's critical to Whiterose's unknown agenda, and the fact that it's finally featured within the opening minutes of the new season is a very promising start for anyone hoping to clarify the greater meta narrative of the series.

Beyond the Whiterose and Washington Township of it all, the first few minutes reveal another major player on the board: Irving, the so-called used car salesman played by new series-regular Bobby Cannavale. Clearly, there's more to the man than meets the eye, given the role he takes upon hearing the news of Elliot's gunshot wound — but the aesthetic and accent Cannavale brings to the character practically reeks of snake oil all the same.

Watch the opening minutes of the season in the video below.

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