Mr. Rogers Goes Viral With Auto-Tuned 'Garden of Your Mind' (Video)

Fred Rogers with Trolley - P 2012
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Fred Rogers with Trolley - P 2012

Mr. Rogers is joining scientist Carl Sagan and the snuggie in the Pantheon of unlikely viral sensations.

PBS Digital Studios commissioned John D. Boswell (better known as melodysheep) to make a remix featuring auto-tuned clips from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The result is the surprisingly eerie (see: cat’s eyes at 0:35) “Garden of Your Mind” track.

Boswell is the creator of the Symphony of Science remix series, which includes clips from the PBS documentary series Cosmos. That space-themed series ran from 1978-1979 and featured acclaimed scientists.

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Those who curate the Rogers legacy praised the video.

“I think that the thing we like about the piece most of all is how it shows that Fred was really ahead of his time,” said Kevin Morrison, COO of the Fred Rogers Company. “The message that it’s good to be curious, to use your imagination, and that ideas are the ‘garden produce’ of a fertile mind was something he stressed throughout his career.”

Fred Rogers hosted the PBS children’s show from 1968 to 2001. He died in 2003 at the age of 74. 

PBS says it plans to unveil more viral-style videos featuring icons of the company.

Watch the video below.