Adam Brody Gets Animated for MTV's 'Good Vibes': 'Fortunately, I'm Not Very Evolved'

"The O.C." alum returns to the beach for his new cartoon series.
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On MTV’s new animated series, Good Vibes, Adam Brody returns to his beach roots. No, I’m not just referring to his time on the Fox series, The O.C. The actor grew up in San Diego and says he relates a lot to the series’ beachside locale.

“It’s got sort of the touches on the Malibu or sort of O.C. wealth and opulence,” Brody tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But it also has Venice Beach’s much more arty and skuzzier elements, graffiti-laden elements as well. I really like both. I’m actually partial to the kind of the lower rent version. It’s got kind of a pot smoke haze over the whole thing.”

Good Vibes features Brody's character, Woodie, and his best buddy, Jersey transplant Mondo (voiced by Book of Mormon’s Josh Gad), as they brave the waves of their teen years together.

“Fortunately, I’m not that evolved,” Brody jokes about playing the role. “There’s a voice that took me a minute to find, but I’m very comfortable doing that now and you just have fun. Again, it’s not hard for me to dumb it down to high school.”

“It’s easier than I care to admit,” he continues. “You just have to have some fun with it and be really part of the fun when you do it because it has to read with no physicality, so you really want to kind of be over the top when you’re recording it.”

The show, which clearly bears the stamp of creator David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness), has a healthy amount of teenaged sexual charge to it, but Brody says that romance does find its way into the series.

“I definitely think it’s the horniest cartoon on television,” he says. “But, I think it’s the first one that you might get invested in the actual sexual escapades as well as the ongoing sort of romantic love interests and love stories in it.”

Good Vibes premieres Thursday at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

Watch a featurette on the series below.

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