VMAs 2012: 10 Things You Didn't See on TV

Faulty moonman statues and overzealous One Direction fans were both part of the drama going on behind the scenes.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Rihanna opening the show

The scene inside Staples Center for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards wasn’t quite rave-like, despite EDMTV’s best efforts, but between the revelers on the floor and the stars in the lower levels, there was plenty to gawk at, like these 10 things you didn’t see on the broadcast…

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1. With one minute to air, Green Day drummer Tre Cool took in the Staples spectacle, panning across the arena from the stairwell. It’s not like the seminal band hasn’t played a room that big before, but this was a starkly different vibe than what the Bay Area punk rockers are used to. Same goes for the audience members, who were hopefully moved by the foreign sounds of electric guitar strings and real drums.

2. Now this was a sight: with some of music’s biggest names performing feet away, rapper Lil Wayne instead opted to cover his ears with Beats headphones – specifically, his officially endorsed red cans.

3. In the first half hour, host Kevin Hart sprinted from one side of the arena to the other, but leave it to a clueless music industry schmoozer to stop the comedian rushing to his next cue so that he could introduce the funnyman to his wife. Can you say wrong place, wrong time?

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4. In presenting the first of two awards to British boy band One Direction, Katy Perry nearly drops the hefty moonman. She saved the disaster from happening, but a minute later, the trophy lost its flag.

5. Pink’s performance of “Blow Me (One More Kiss)” started as awesomely as it ended. Taking position among the throngs, the singer practiced her opening drum sequence and waved at pals nearby before hoppinginto a harness and swinging across the room. Also worth noting: Pink’s confetti was lip-shaped!

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6. Amber Rose sure found herself a great guy. More than three months pregnant and certain to be uncomfortable in Staples’ tiny seats, her beloved baby daddy Wiz Khalifa got his girl some bottled water.

7. There were those faulty flags again. From Nicki Minaj to Chris Brown and, again, One Direction, acts struggled to keep the trophy intact.

8. One Direction’s performance brought with it a heap of fans -- literally. And what a grabby bunch they were. Harry Styles had to fend off some overenthusiastic admirers as did Louis Tomlinson, who had a bit of a snag letting go of one girl’s hand.

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9. Among the One Direction devotees? Katy Perry, who sang along to the group’s new single “One Thing” within earshot of Rihanna.

10. How do the British lad of 1D congratulate each other on a job well done? With a friendly pat on the butt, as Harry Styles demonstrated with his boy band bros following their performance.