MTV's 'WakeBrothers': 5 Things to Know About the Wakeboard-Sibling Reality Show (Video)

Get ready to meet the WakeBrothers.

Phil and Bob Soven may be brothers, but the professional wakeboarding duo couldn’t be more different. Naturally, the oil and water personalities -- combined with competitive sports and a deep-rooted sibling rivalry -- makes for a perfect storm of reality television goodness.

The Sovens stopped by The Hollywood Reporter’s Cover Lounge to preview their new series, debuting on MTV on Wednesday, July 25, at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Below, THR has compiled the top five factoids you need to know ahead of the series premiere. For more from the duo, check out the video above.

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1.     This Isn’t Their First Go at TV: The WakeBrothers pilot kicks off with a look at a younger Bob – with significantly shorter hair -- still living at home with his parents, and Phil, who is in the process of building his own home. At the time, older brother Phil jokes with Bob about still being a virgin and promises that he can move into the new home once it’s built. The footage is actually from an old pilot filmed by Pink Sneakers (for which their cousin works) and was used to pitch the current show we see today.

Cut to present day: Phil is 23-years-old, Bob is 20-years-old, and the duo are competing against each other on the professional wakeboarding circuit, while living under the same roof and partying with their friends.

2.     Meet Phil: Who knows him better than his own brother? According to Bob, Phil is “very serious,” “likes blondes,” and gets “extra angry.” Case in point – in the show’s very first episode, Bob scales the house to sneak into Phil’s room and snatches the blanket right off the bed – exposing Phil and his lady-company in front of the cameras. Who wouldn’t be angry at shenanigans like that?

3.     Meet Bob: “He lives in a fantasy world,” says Phil. “He has no sense of reality.” And in Bob’s world, he goes by the name Matador. “Only females can call me Matador,” Bob clarifies. “If any males call me Matador, I won’t answer.” (For more on this, hit the 3:10 mark on the video above.)

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4.     The Show Mixes Wakeboard Stunts With Goofy Pranks: “There’s ups and downs in it, but it’s a lighthearted show, it’s a comedy,” says Phil. “There’s some episodes that are real wakeboard heavy and into our lives, and then there’s other episodes that are totally random -- just random antics and just screwing around having fun.”

5.     The Boys are Still Wakeboarding: While Phil is currently on tour and in the lead for the points race, Bob suffered an injury to his knee and will have to sit out the rest of the season. No worries, though, he’s still the (self) proclaimed “No. 1 in the hearts of the fans.”

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