MTV's 'Buckwild': A Drunken Confrontation Hits the Breaking Point (Exclusive Video)

MTV's Buckwild gets wilder by the minute.

On the first of Thursday's back-to-back episodes of the Jersey Shore-esque, redneck reality show centered on a group of twentysomethings in West Virginia, a fight breaks out at a low-key group hang in an exclusive clip to The Hollywood Reporter.

Salwa, aka "Bengali in Boots," is hit on by drunk party guest, Jesse B, as he makes a controversial statement that shocks the others. "Your boyfriend doesn't stop me!" he exclaims in his slurred speech.

As he's kicked off out of the party for starting unwanted drama, Jesse goes out of his way to start a fight with Tyler, aka "The Pretty Boy," who storms down the stairs after hearing some unflattering words. It culminates in one of the most dramatic confrontations -- possibly -- of the season.

Buckwild airs two episodes every Thursday beginning at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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